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Welcome on NAVIKAYAK


The idea of creating NAVIKAYAK came to me during my first trips in sea kayak.

I lacked a support. The existent sea charts did not admit me both at the level of format and at necessary information which they gave.

Today NAVIKAYAK offers in his catalogue 426 references composed of synthetic paper charts. These charts are printed in recto only. New references are regularly added.

NAVIKAYAK is the only partner to be able to offer the entirety of the French coastal coasts in A3 format, synthetic and waterproof paper.

Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion Island are also in the catalogue. The others DOM are developing



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NAVIKAYAK charts come from Coastal maps SCAN ® of IGN. Coastal maps SCAN ® are the result of the partnership between SHOM and IGN. They regroup the information of these two organisms on the same support. Not only you will dispose your maritime trips information necessary to your navigation but also information of the Earth afterwards. NAVIKAYAK charts are waterproof (synthetic paper), they slip easily on the bridge of a kayak, format A3.
  The synthetic paper charts can also be used for coastal ramble walkings but also in VTT. To follow GR along coasts it is possible with NAVIKAYAK.

Ideas Trips ???

I offer you ideas of trips. By clicking on the button my trips you will discover courses which I accomplished in sea kayak.
These trips of very levels do not give the respect for the basic rules of security.
Navikayak would not know how to be kept for representative in the event of accident.
You owe you assure absolutely necessary that your technical level is compatible with these itineraries that I performed.




      Paper PREAC is a waterproof paper . Synthetic material particularly adapted for the impression of maps of running of orientation and raids. Film polyester especially studied for use with printers having an oven. Therefore can be used on printers laser B/W or colour, on photocopier. The enduction recto / reverse side of Preac allows ink a special eye-catcher and therefore a resistance to folding, to humidity, to rubbings 


 Thanks to Yves Philippe, Jean, Laurent, Rémi, Fred, René, David etc... for the photographs

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The use of NAVIKAYAK charts does not exempt from applying basic safety regulations. Be sure that his level is compatible with the level requested for the exit, to prove that conditions weather forecast envisaged correspond to its level of navigation, never to leave alone, to tell a close of your itinerary, Etc in ........
In case of doubt it is necessary to know how to say 'NOT ' and to take shelter.

Navikayak travaille sous licence IGN